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Burn Victim


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Latest News:
Lord Balsac has relocated back to the Bay Area. This move was unexpected, and not related to the band. As of now his future in the band is up in the air. Things will play out in due time, we'll just have to wait and see....The Filth stuff showed up and it kills. This is now on its way to be pressed on to wax....We are shooting for a May 2002 release....

The split 7" with Filth is moving ahead twards completion. Filth will be offering up 5 tracks of Australian 'white trash' grindcore and we will counter with 3 tracks of our own death/grind carnage....Their stuff is in transit and things are on schedule. Stay tuned for more updates....

SHOW...Saturday March 30th @ Chinche [Thomas Rd location]$5 all ages. other bands are Structure of Lies, ETTS, and Schlitzkrieg....

Paul Baloff, the original singer for Exodus, passed away on Feb 2. This is sad news as Exodus was a huge influence during my formative years in metal during the 80s. Pull 'Bonded by Blood' out of your collection and knock back a few in his memory....

Greg has decided to help us out with the web pages... :)

Just got done recording the vox for our side of the split with Filth. this release is gonna be sick as f*ck.

We are now sold out of t-shirts. More are in the works with a new design....

Lord Balsac formally of agents of satan and deadbodieseverywhere has just moved here from san fransisco and is now a full time member.

Just got the cover art for Filth's side....absolutely vile and disgusting....

Just recorded for our side of the split 7 inch with Filth (Australia) that will be out on Continuum in the spring of 2002.

We have finally found a permanent bass player. Mortlock will now be handling all of the 4-string duties.

Contact Burn Victim for interview in issue .3 of Continuum


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